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My dishwasher is leaking water.
Low Water Temperature
If the water temperature is too low, it may cause excessive suds in the tub. The spray arm action pushes the excess suds and water out of the machine. Amana recommends a minimum 120oF water temperature to properly dissolve dishwasher detergent. Raise your water heater setting to 120oF, use the Temp Boost option (some models) on your dishwasher, and/or run the hot water at the kitchen sink before starting the dishwasher to purge cooled water from the supply line.

Dish soaps made for use in kitchen sinks should never be used in a dishwasher. Amana recommends using only powder dishwasher detergent.

If a spray arm is stuck in one position due to an obstruction, it will disrupt proper water flow inside the dishwasher during use. Remove the obstruction by rearranging how the dishes are loaded. Make sure the spray arms can spin freely and the wash tower is not obstructed.

If this is a new installation, there may be a plumbing connection left loose or improperly connected by the installer.
Important Note:
Be sure to follow specific, published user-repair instructions, such as these, when you are attempting to service or repair any part of your range. If the instructions don't make sense to you or you aren't sure how to perform them, please call an authorized Amana service provider for assistance.
Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance or attempt any service unless specifically recommended in published user - repair instructions that you understand and have the skills to carry out.