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Why does the freezer door pop open when the refrigerator door closes?
The freezer door ""popping"" open when the refrigerator door closes is considered a normal condition and indicates an airtight seal. The air ducts between the freezer and the refrigerator compartments are required for proper air flow. When the refrigerator door is closed, air is forced into the freezer section through the return air duct. If the freezer door "pops" open when the refrigerator door is closed and it does not close again on its own, we recommend the following:
  • Adjust the front rollers to raise the front of the refrigerator higher than the back of the refrigerator. The front should not exceed ¼ inch higher than the rear.
  • Lubricate the door gasket with petroleum jelly. Newer models have self lubricating gaskets.
  • Avoid closing the refrigerator door with more than normal force. If the unit is leveled properly, the door will close itself.
  • Keep the freezer door shelves/buckets loaded. This gives the door some weight, making it harder to "pop" open and easier to close.
Important Note:
Be sure to follow specific, published user-repair instructions, such as these, when you are attempting to service or repair any part of your range. If the instructions don't make sense to you or you aren't sure how to perform them, please call an authorized Amana service provider for assistance.
Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance or attempt any service unless specifically recommended in published user - repair instructions that you understand and have the skills to carry out.