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There is no water going into my icemaker.
If there is no water going to the ice maker and it is a new installation, make sure the water supply is turned on at the source. Also, be sure the water supply line is properly installed according to the installation instructions provided in the Owner??s Manual. Amana recommends installation using only ¼-inch copper water line material and a drilled saddle valve connection.

If no water is entering the ice maker tray, it is possible the fill tube has frozen. In many instances, if the fill tube starts to freeze up, it is due to slow water flow to the ice maker. Slow water flow can be caused by several factors: incorrect installation, low water pressure, poor water quality, clogged water filter, or part failure.

The refrigerator installation is important to prevent a frozen fill tube. When the water supply connection is correct, the water valve opens when the ice maker calls for water, fills the ice maker, and then uses water pressure to close completely. The water flow evacuates the water from the internal fill tube so the tube does not freeze with unused water. If the installation is incorrect, water pressure can be constricted. Low water pressure causes the water valve to ??weep?? or stay open allowing water to travel up the fill line on the back of the refrigerator and rest in the internal fill tube where it can freeze causing an ice blockage. Water pressure that is too low does not allow the valve to properly operate so the water flow can evacuate the water from the internal fill tube. The minimum water pressure requirement for Amana refrigerators is 20 PSI, unless there is a factory-installed water filter system in the refrigerator, which requires no less than 35 PSI.

Debris in the water line caused by a new or incorrect installation, as well as mineral particles in your water supply can slow water flow through the water valve. We recommend flushing a new water supply line with several gallons of water before connecting it to the refrigerator. Also, self-piercing valve connections to your home??s water supply can restrict water flow through your water line to the refrigerator. The piercing action of these types of valves creates debris in the water line when the water pipe is pierced by the valve??s needle. Water flow is reduced by a small hole. The connection could also be partially blocked if the needle is not properly backed out of the hole. The correct type of saddle valve can be purchased online at the Amana Store referenced to the left, by calling Amana Parts at 1/877-232-6771 or by contacting a local parts supplier. For a local Amana parts supplier in your area, select ??Locate Servicer / Local Parts Source?? referenced below.

Factory-installed water filter refrigerators require some care and maintenance. The filter must be replaced periodically to avoid complications in water flow through the refrigerator and to the ice maker. If the filter is not replaced as recommended, then a plugged filter cartridge can lower water pressure within the refrigerator and result in a frozen fill tube. Water pressure may be within the recommended range as it flows through the water valve from your home??s water supply line; but if the filter cartridge is plugged, the water pressure lowers when it goes through the filter on its way to the ice maker. (See related article.) Replacement water filter cartridges can be purchased online at the Amana Store referenced to the left, by calling Amana Parts at 1/877-232-6771 or by contacting a local parts supplier. For a local Amana parts supplier in your area, select ??Locate Servicer / Local Parts Source?? referenced below.

If there is an external water filter on the supply line, check to see if it needs to be changed. Just as a clogged internal filter (some models) can complicate water flow to the ice maker, a clogged external filter can lower water pressure to the water valve. Low water pressure adversely affects proper water valve operation.

If your water filters have been changed, the installation is correct, and the water pressure is within the recommended range, you may need to contact an authorized Amana servicer to inspect the refrigerator and make any necessary repairs. An authorized servicer is in the best position to assist you and has the technical knowledge to accurately evaluate your situation. For the name(s) of local authorized Amana servicers, select ??Locate Servicer / Local Parts Source?? referenced below.
Important Note:
Be sure to follow specific, published user-repair instructions, such as these, when you are attempting to service or repair any part of your range. If the instructions don't make sense to you or you aren't sure how to perform them, please call an authorized Amana service provider for assistance.
Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance or attempt any service unless specifically recommended in published user - repair instructions that you understand and have the skills to carry out.