This year, for every major appliance we sell in the U.S., Amana® will donate the cost of planting a tree.*
It's all part of our journey towards a smaller carbon footprint — because every little bit helps.

trees donated so far: 654,425

Planting Seeds of Change

We believe that small things can cause a big impact. Even when it comes to the environment, there are always little ways to do more. We're partnering with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization that helps communities across the globe plant trees. Together, we've begun planting efforts in Tanzania, Brazil and Indonesia.

We're helping more than just the environment. By planting trees in these areas, Trees for the Future has helped local communities in each region. Our combined efforts help eliminate low agricultural production, rural poverty, and environmental destruction by empowering local communities and organizations to take action.

Trees for the Future

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Small Steps Towards
a Smaller Footprint

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*During 2014, for every major appliance it sells in the US, Amana® will donate $.10 (the cost of each tree planted). Total donation is expected to plant over 2 million trees.