1 appliance = 1 tree

For every Amana® appliance sold in the
U.S., we’ll donate to Trees for the Future.*

Doing Our Part

Everyday savings are only the beginning of our products’ impact. Through a partnership with Trees for the Future, we help farming communities throughout the world cultivate a better standard of living by restoring deforested lands with beneficial, fast-growing trees. See how it all works with our infographic below.

Trees for the future

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Small steps towardsa smaller footprint

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Tree donations help farming communities in 3 ways:



Generates steady income



Helps families afford clothing,
food and education



Restores soil and other
natural resources

Why Trees? Because they:

Help renew and regenerate over-harvested land

Enrich soil so food can be grown sustainably

Create a living fence that prevents animals from grazing in gardens

Enable farmers to plant diversified crops to produce income year-round

Replenish the atmosphere with oxygen and absorb dangerous gasses

Trees for the Future builds large tree gardens around the world to help communities in need. Amana® donations help:




trees for the future assists thousands of
communities in 18 countries.

Create a farming movement one garden at a time:

Trees for the Future trains a master farmer and begins planting trees.

Master Farmers
in training

The master farmer trains volunteers from the community.

Farmers spread the word about their garden success and
encourage neighboring communities to get involved.

Trees for the Future has planted 100 million trees in 25 years.

2,654,425 Trees Donated
From Amana Brand

* During 2014, for every major appliance it sells in the US, Amana® will donate $.10 (the cost of each tree planted). Total donation is expected to plant over 2 million trees.