everydrop® Refrigerator Water Filter 6 - EDR6D1 (Pack of 2)

Now, you and your family can enjoy the enriching benefits of cleaner, freshly filtered ice & water. Not just in beverages, but for preparing meals, too. Our advanced generation of ice & water refrigerator filters from EveryDrop™ Filters are certified to reduce more contaminants — with Triple Filtration™ Technology. Filter 6 reduces 9 contaminants, so you can feel reassured that you and your family are getting the most out of your water. Remember to replace your refrigerator filter every 6 months to maximize contaminant reduction. (Replaces 4396701)

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Certified to Reduce More Contaminants

NSF Certified to Reduce More Contaminants1.

Reduces 9 Contaminants

Reduces 9 contaminants including metals, pesticides, industrial chemicals, Class I Particulates and Chlorine2.

Replace Every 6 Months

For clean, fresh tasting water, replace your EveryDrop® Water Filter every 6 months3


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1 lbs

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