Troubleshooting Guide:
Dryers - Noises and Lights

Your dryer is making a noise. A strange noise. Or maybe a light has started flashing unexpectedly.

Let us help you figure out what’s going on.

What’s that noise?

You’ll likely notice this the first time you use a gas dryer. The sound you’re hearing is the gas valve clicking on; it’s normal for this to happen many times throughout a cycle.

Knocking or rattling
Here are some things to check for:

  • Small items that may have fallen out of pockets and are rolling around
  • Buttons, buckles and zippers often create rattling sounds as well
  • Ensure there’s space between your washer and dryer so they don’t knock against each other.
  • If you have a dryer pedestal drawer, items in the drawer might move around and make noise.

Scraping sound
Small objects can get caught in the seam where the drum meets the front or back. Check for coins, safety pins, screws, and other small hardware.

If your dryer is being used for the first time, this is completely normal. This is the sound of the rubber rollers conforming to the dryer drum. It will decrease over time with regular use.

Some additional causes of thumping:

  • Knotted or balled-up clothes
  • Dryer is not level
  • Dryer has not been used in awhile
  • Shoes in the dryer

Person unloading clothes from a dryer
Clothes in dryer
Folded shirts

What’s that light?

Check Vent light
This indicates the dryer’s airflow is restricted.

To solve this issue:

  • Check for crushed venting. See how here.
  • Make sure the internal venting and the vent hood on the exterior of the house are not clogged or blocked by landscaping.
  • Ensure that your vent is metal, 4 inches in diameter, the shortest length possible and has as few 90-degree “elbows” as possible.

Clean Lint light
This light reminds you to clean the lint screen after each use.

Still hearing noises or seeing lights?

You may need a professional repair. Or, if your dryer is more than 10 years old, it might be time for a replacement. Amana has some great dryer features — check them out.