The dishwasher is one of the greatest time-saving inventions ever! If yours is “on the fritz,” we want to help get it running smoothly – so you can put away the sponge and rubber gloves and just kick back. Let’s look at some reasons your dishwasher may not be working.

Dishwasher won’t start

First things first, is the door completely shut, the latch secure? What about Delay Start, has it been activated? If these issues aren’t the problem, here are some more things to check.

Start/resume light is flashing
This could mean the door wasn’t closed within 3 seconds of pressing Start/Resume. Open the door and close it again before pressing Start/Resume. This light could also mean the cycle was interrupted. To resume, make sure the door is closed and then press Start/Resume.

Power supply
If the dishwasher has a plug-in power cord, make sure it’s properly plugged in. If it’s direct wired, ensure the wiring is correctly connected. See more information on direct wire connections here. Then check to see if your household electrical box, fuses, and/or circuit breaker are in working order.

Water supply
Is your dishwasher getting hot water? Ensure the hot water supply is on and the valve leading to the dishwasher is open.

Control Lock
This feature helps protect against accidental dishwasher use and cycle or option changes during a cycle. When it’s activated, the Control Lock light will stay on for a short time. The door can still be opened and closed while the controls are locked, but all buttons are disabled. If any buttons are pressed while the controls are locked, the light will flash three times.

To unlock the controls, press and hold the Control Lock button for three seconds. If that doesn’t work,
you may need to disable Sleep Mode. To do this, press either Start/Resume or Cancel, or open and close the door.

Still not working? Reset it.
Disconnect it from the power source for one minute. If it’s plugged into an outlet, all you have to do is unplug the unit for one minute and then plug it back in. If it’s hard wired to the power supply, turn the breaker off at the household electrical panel for one minute and then turn the breaker back on.

Amana® dishwasher loaded with dishes.

Cycle Not Advancing?

During a normal cycle, the dishwasher will pause two to three times to let the water heat up again and advances when it’s warm enough. For certain cycles, the hold time is slightly longer.

If you suspect the cycle is not advancing because the water is not getting warm enough, see more information on water temperature.

Dishwasher Not Filling

First make sure the door has been completely closed within three seconds of pressing Start/Resume. And if a cycle has been interrupted by a power outage, press Start/Resume to resume the cycle. If your dishwasher’s still not filling, here are some things to check.

Water supply valve
Make sure it’s on and open.

Overflow protection float
You’ll find this piece in the front right corner of the dishwasher tub. It keeps the dishwasher from over filling, and must be in place for the dishwasher to operate. Check to be certain there are no obstructions in the float area, and ensure the float can move up and down freely.

Drain hose
Check that the loop in the end of the drain hose is at least 20 inches above the floor or subfloor. If not, your dishwasher could be siphoning. 
See how to properly connect the dishwasher to the drain.

Close up of dishwasher rack.

Still Having Issues?

You may need a professional repair. Or, if your dishwasher is over 10 years old, it may be time for replacement. Amana has great dishwashers at a great value — check out the latest.