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Whether you are replacing your current refrigerator or shopping for appliances for a new home, there are many great options available at reasonable prices. Even when shopping on a budget, you can find refrigerators that offer effective cooling and flexible storage options to help keep food at peak freshness and within reach. As you consider a new refrigerator, you’ll want to think about configuration, capacity and features. Read on to learn more about low cost refrigerators and how to decide which one is best for you.

Budget refrigerator styles

Budget refrigerators are available in a few different styles. You can typically expect to find choices in the side-by-side, top-freezer and bottom-freezer configurations. Read about each type below to help you determine which one best fits your needs.

Amana® side-by-side refrigerator

1. Side-by-side refrigerator and freezer

If you have a smaller kitchen or space for your refrigerator but are still looking for an option that will reliably keep your food cold and fresh, a side-by-side refrigerator might be the best style for you. Some Amana® side-by-side refrigerators offer in-door ice and water dispensers and Electronic Temperature Controls so you can fine-tune temperature settings.

Amana® top freezer refrigerator

2. Top-freezer refrigerators

A classic and reliable style, top-freezer refrigerators easily fit into just about any kitchen layout. Top-freezer refrigerators from Amana brand come with features like Flip-Up Storage, a Dairy Bin, Gallon Door Storage Bins and Humidity-Controlled Garden Fresh™ Crispers. 

Amana® bottom freezer refrigerator

3. Bottom-freezer refrigerators

Bottom-freezer refrigerators have a single door refrigerator on top and a deeper freezer drawer on the bottom. The refrigerator compartment is more accessible with this configuration and they do not typically have an ice or water dispenser. Bottom-freezer refrigerators from Amana brand come with an EasyFreezer™ Pull-Out Drawer that opens and closes smoothly, even when fully loaded and a Glide-Out Lower Freezer Basket so you know where all your frozen treats are at a glance.

Kitchen with Amana® appliances Kitchen with Amana® appliances

Available features on low cost refrigerators

Although low-cost refrigerators may not have as many features as other options, you can still get a reliable refrigerator with several features, within your budget. Check out the available features below to see how a refrigerator within your budget can still offer the conveniences you need.

Humidity-Controlled Garden Fresh™ Crisper Bins

1. Humidity-Controlled Garden Fresh™ Crisper Bins

Like your very own salad bar, these crispers keep fruits and veggies right where you can see them. With Humidity-Controlled Garden Fresh™ Crisper Bins, your produce will stay cool and fresh and easy to access. Find this feature in select Amana® top-freezer and bottom-freezer refrigerators, such as this model.

Dual Pad External Ice and Water Dispenser With Everydrop® Water Filter

2. Dual Pad External Ice and Water Dispenser with everydrop® Water Filter

Select Amana® side-by-side refrigerators feature an easy-to-access Dual Pad External Ice and Water Dispenser with everydrop® Water Filter to keep the freshness flowing. Dual pads give you two different spots to fill up on ice and water, so switching from one to the other is as easy as the push of your cup.

Gallon Door Storage Bins

3. Gallon Door Storage Bins

Three adjustable Gallon Door Storage Bins found in select Amana® refrigerators fit big items like milk jugs, juice cartons or a six-pack of soda. No need to take up valuable space on your refrigerator’s shelves with this convenient feature.

Amana® refrigerator glass shelves

4. Glass Shelves

To help keep your refrigerator clean, glass shelves are another convenient feature. Glass shelves are designed to help make cleanup easy, so there's no need to cry over spilled milk. Shop affordable and reliable Amana® refrigerators today to stay within your budget and still enjoy convenient features.

Amana® refrigerator Dairy Bin

5. Dairy Bin

For more helpful organization, your refrigerator’s Dairy Bin makes butter, cream cheese and yogurt easily accessible. You don’t have to sacrifice convenience and organization to stay within your budget and get a refrigerator you can rely on. Shop select Amana® models that feature a Dairy Bin.

Up-Front Temperature Control System

6. Up-front Temperature Control System

On select Amana® refrigerators, the Up-Front Temperature Control System keeps the controls front and center, so you can change temps without having to reach over bottles, jars or leftovers.

 Person making a salad at the counter Person making a salad at the counter

Tips on buying an affordable fridge

When you are searching for a new refrigerator in an affordable price range, you will want to consider the cost of the refrigerator as well as its operating costs, the storage capacity you need and the layout that will work best for your kitchen.

Kitchen with white Amana® appliances

1. Consider long-term energy costs

A refrigerator is typically one of the home’s hardest working appliances, so purchasing one that is energy efficient is important. If energy efficiency is important to you, consider a top-freezer model. They often have fewer features than other models, which can also help make them more energy efficient.


ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators are about 9 percent more energy efficient than models that meet the federal minimum energy efficiency standard.

Amana® side-by-side refrigerator open on one side

2. Consider a fridge with fewer doors

Fewer doors reduce the appliance’s air leakage. To maximize your savings, minimize the number of doors and pay attention if you can feel cool air when you shut the doors. Check that the seals around the doors are airtight, and if they aren’t, replace them.

Refrigerator can storage

3. Determine your storage needs

Once you’ve determined your price range, consider your household’s storage needs and the features of models in your price range. Many affordable refrigerators still have ample storage space and room for organizing foods.

Refrigerator water dispenser

4. Determine the features you need

Refrigerators with fewer features are most likely to be more affordable. Determine which features you truly need and which you are willing to go without. For instance, models without ice makers and water dispensers are not only going to be slightly more energy efficient, but they also may cost less.

Stainless steel Amana® refrigerator and dishwasher

5. Make sure it works for your layout

Another consideration is your kitchen layout. If you have a slightly smaller space, you will want to keep that in mind as you determine the refrigerator size and configuration that will work best for you. You should also consider the shape of your kitchen: galley kitchens will have different space restrictions than L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens, for instance.

 Person putting food in Amana® side-by-side refrigerator Person putting food in Amana® side-by-side refrigerator

Is it better to repair or replace a refrigerator?

If your refrigerator is not cooling, is having temperature issues or is otherwise not doing its job, you may be trying to determine if it’s time to replace it. 

It can sometimes make economic sense to repair a refrigerator rather than replace it. A general rule of thumb to remember is that if the repair costs are more than 50% of the cost of replacing the refrigerator, it may make more sense to replace it.

How much does a basic refrigerator cost?

Refrigerators range widely in price depending on their size, style, finish and features. Low-cost, basic refrigerator prices start around $800.

Amana® appliances set in white and grey cabinetry Amana® appliances set in white and grey cabinetry

How much electricity does a fridge cost per month?

A typical refrigerator will use 41kWh of electricity per month. The monthly cost of running your refrigerator, though, depends on the configuration and capacity, and the cost of electricity in your region.

When is the best time to buy a fridge?

It might be possible to find appliance deals around major holidays. If you know you are going to be in the market, but can wait for a holiday, that might be a good idea. From September to December, consumers can often count on finding good deals on big ticket items such as appliances.

Shop Amana® refrigerators

For a classic refrigerator with the convenient features and organization you need, shop the selection from Amana brand. Amana® refrigerators in black, white and stainless steel, come in a few different configurations with features that will keep your food fresh, cool and organized.

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